Vector Home Robot

Anki Vector Home Robot

Vector is a robot for your home that’s designed to bring us closer to the science-fiction future where we live with robot assistants in our homes. Go ahead and ask Vector about people and things and he’ll find the answers for you. You could also ask him to take a photo or wake you up in the morning. These all make Vector useful to have but Vector’s most important feature is his personality. Vector’s designers imbued the robot with a personality that makes him endearing to its user and he¬†displays this personality through gestures and his expressive “eyes” that also serve as a display.

Think of the Vector as more of a pet rather than a roomba but it can tell you the weather tomorrow too if you ask nicely. It’s packed with sensors so it’s aware of its environment and can avoid obstacles and dangers to keep itself safe. It’s even smart enough to find its way to its charger to keep itself powered up. Preorder¬†Vector on Kickstarter.