LG CLOi SuitBot

LG CLoi SuitBot

Wearables can do a lot of stuff like read your email or track your run and even your heartbeat and that’s all well and good for the consumer but it looks like the next wave of wearables will be there to make work life a little more bearable. LG recently announced the CLOi SuitBot which is designed to function alongside other service robots made for the workplace. The robots should be especially useful in the manufacturing, logistics, and distribution sector. The exoskeleton robot should be helpful when workers need to walk around and carry stuff as it is made to boost the user’s lower limb strength. With this new exoskeleton and others like it like the EksoVest it’s looking like work-related fatigue should be less of a problem although it’s not a stretch to see the tech being used to help people with disabilities or who have problems moving around. Learn more from LG.

photo by LG