EksoVest (screencapture from Ford video)

It’s not Iron Man’s suit, yet, but any suit that helps prevent workplace injury is very much welcome. EksoVest is back in the news after Ford announced recently that it’s rolling out the use of these upper body exoskeletons to 15 of their plants worldwide.

The global rollout of the tech follows the successful trial of the suit at two U.S. plants. The EksoVest provides lift assistance of five to 15 pounds per arm and helps support the wearer’s arms as they perform overhead tasks. It was designed to lessen the fatigue that workers experience from doing their tasks.

And it’s not just workers in assembly lines that could benefit from the tech, the upper body suit can also help workers in the construction industry or in any other industry that requires them to work on chest height to overhead tasks. Learn more from Ekso Bionics.

Ford and Ekso Bionics EksoVest
image courtesy of Ford