Parrot Anafi

Great moments deserve to be captured from more angles. The ultra-portable Parrot ANAFI is a 4K camera drone that features a 180° tilt gimbal that lets you get low angle shots and 3 axis image stabilization to help you take smooth videos. With its A.I. and visual tracking system, the ANAFI can automatically frame its subject and even fly on its own and take your video with its Follow Me feature. Learn more from Parrot.

Beau Lake Paddleboard

Summer is here and the water is calling. Give in to the call and go on your own leisurely adventure on this luxurious paddleboard from Beau Lake. The one you see here is their Tremblant model with mahogany and cream trim but they have other models that are just as pleasing to the eye. Beau Lake’s paddleboards start from $2,500 with other models including their carbon and ebony wood model going for $4,500. Learn more from Beau Lake.

The Martian by Andy Weir

Following a sandstorm on Mars, astronaut Mark Watney was left by his crew believing he has died on the red planet. With nothing more than his ingenuity and humor, he’ll have to find a way to survive until the next mission to Mars which could take him home. That’s if he can first find a way to contact Earth. Andy Weir’s effort to create a novel that stays as accurate scientifically while trying to convey the drama and gallow humor of trying to survive on an alien planet when even a simple miscalculation can spell disaster shines brilliantly in this book. Buy now from Amazon.



Trans-Cascadia is a 4-day mountain bike race where participants get to explore the wilderness and small towns of the Pacific North West in the U.S. Riders camp out in tents and fuel up on good food for the next day’s race all while enjoying the company of a lucky few who are able to get a spot at this event. Demand is strong from riders wanting to join this year’s event which is set for September 26 to October 1 that all 100 slots, kept low to minimize the race’s impact on the environment, have been taken. Don’t despair too much though as there’s a waitlist for those who want to try their luck at getting a spot. Sign up at Trans-Cascadia.

Fujifilm X-T100

Retro on the outside and all-modern on the inside, the X-T100 is Fujifilm’s latest addition to their X Series line of mirrorless digital cameras. The X-T100 has a 24.2 megapixel APS-C size sensor and a horizontal tilting rear LCD screen which is useful when taking self-portraits. It comes with Bluetooth to make transfer images quick and easy. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to compatible lenses as it can pair with X mount lenses that have models that run from 15mm to 1200mm focal lengths. Learn more from Fujifilm.


Sure, the Nintendo Labo may have been there first, but there’s so much more you can do with cardboard and electronics. With the help of your smartphone,  Smartibot can turn into different fun robots and machines. You can also add an LED display to it and sensors that add more functionality to your creation. An app on your smartphone helps you control the robot or serve as the robot’s brain when incorporated into the design. Back the project on Kickstarter and have your Smartibot shipped by Christmas.

Airstream Nest

You may be surprised to learn that Airstream’s latest travel trailer is made of fibreglass and not with aluminum which they are known for but the Nest contains many of the creature comforts that their previous models have provided. Inside, there’s a two-burner stove, a microwave, and consumers can choose a model with a floor plan with a dinette that converts into a bed. The Nest also comes with generous storage so there’s more room for the essentials for your trip. Learn more from Airstream.

Honda Super Cub C125

The Super Cub is best known for catapulting Japanese motorcycles to the mainstream especially since it was tied to the influential “You meet the nicest people on a Honda” ad campaign of the 60s. The bike’s friendly design enticed generations of riders get their start on the two-wheel lifestyle with this dependable workhorse. The 2019 model of the Super Cub will make an appearance back on U.S. roads as Honda brings back the iconic motorcycle to the U.S. ending decades of absence on the market since importation ended in 1974.

Black Panther at the Smithsonian

The movie Black Panther was a big success and shows how far Hollywood has progressed in terms of portraying blacks on films. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture recognizes the achievement of the film and now owns several objects from the movie including the costume worn by Chadwick Boseman and a script signed by director Ryan Coogler and producer Kevin Feige. The museum is mulling plans for a permanent display of the objects from the film.